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Today is the last day to nominate for the World Fantasy Awards for 2013.

This blog is promoting Michelle Sagara's wonderful Silence, Chaz Brenchley's House of Bells and Liz Williams', WOrldsoul in the novel category; Aliette de Bodard's 'On A Red Station, Drifting', and C E Murphy, 'No Dominion', for novella; and, in the short story category, Jacey Bedord's funny and charming 'Djinn Bottle', Aliette's wonderful, Nebula-winning 'Immersion', and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, 'Song of the Body Cartographer'.

I could in very remote theory have a horse in the novel race, but I have no expectations. There are many many very fine books out there.
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Today, you can find me over at the website of the very talented Mary Robinette Kowal, guesting on her regular slot My Favourite Bit, wherein writers talk about what they love most about their books. I'm talking about my shape-shifting ferret twins, Yelena and Julana. Many thanks to Mary for hosting me.


Aug. 9th, 2012 02:39 pm
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I have the honour and privilege of blogging today on the Big Idea feature on John Scalzi's website, Whatever. I'm talking about banned books and printing and Antwerp: do come by and take a look. And many, many thanks to Mr Scalzi.

Elsewhere, I'm preparing my talk for Congenial, writing about musketeers, pondering my new book idea and wondering what the cats are doing. How are your days going so far?

Skirt of the day: blue cotton.
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Less than 24 hours to go until new book day. Colour me nervous. I really hope you're going to like it.
Meanwhile, I have three of my silly promotional pens to give away. Leave me a comment and I'll pick out winners from a hat tomorrow.

Skirt of the day: patchwork silk wrap.

EDIT: and it's Tuesday. [ profile] queenoftheskies, [ profile] princejvstin and [ profile] steepholm, you have each won a pen.
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With the help of my lovely assistant, the marquis, we've selected the winners of the two competitions.

Caption Competition:

[ profile] aitgereda for: "Fearing the Mighty Sunshine Powerup, the dragon attacks!" -- prize, Darkening Skies by Juliet E McKenna

[ profile] bugshaw for: "It is the English Summer. I found it outside. I caught it and killed it and left it to die on the rug. PRAISE ME" -- prize, Dangerous Waters by Juliet E McKenna.

Competition for 2 advance copies of The Grass King's Concubine

[ profile] mirrorshard
[ profile] next_friday

Mystery Prize

[ profile] jen_qoe

Well done to everyone. Please could you all get in touch with me via lj message or email and send me postal addresses, so I can send out your prizes.

Oh, and the answers to the Dumas competition.
According to Dumas, Aramis' real name is Rene d'Herblay.
The historical figure on whom he was based is Henri d'Aramitz.
Athos' first name, according to Dumas, is Olivier, which as [ profile] jen_qoe spotted, occurs in his stage play, La Jeunesse des Mousquetaires.
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First of all, you still have two days to win one of [ profile] jemck's wonderful Hadrumal Crisis novels: the marquis and I will be selecting the two winners on Tuesday. The details are here

Secondly, it's just over two weeks until the official publication date for The Grass King's Concubine but I have two advance copies to give away. This time, it's a Musketeers'-related trivia quiz.

There's a two-part question, plus a special bonus question for a mystery prize. I will be screening replies until Wednesday, when I'll put all the answers into a hat and draw the two winners.

Here's the main question: you need to answer both parts

What is Aramis's real name according to Alexandre Dumas pere? And what is the name of the historical figure on whom he was based?

The bonus question, for the mystery prize (you don't have to get the other question right to win this one): in The Three Musketeers, Dumas tells us that Athos is the pseudonym for the Comte de la Fere. Elsewhere in his writings, Dumas also gave Athos a first name. What is it?


Jul. 12th, 2012 11:56 am
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Look what arrived this morning! Behind the cut, to save your friends' page. )
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I'm over at SF Signal, as one of their Mind Meld authors discussing books about revolutions and independence movements today. There are some great recommendations there.

And Happy 4th July to my friends in the USA.

Skirt of the day: denim.


Feb. 21st, 2012 11:06 am
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People are still reading Living With Ghosts -- which delights me. And this review made me very happy indeed this morning.
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But not word-less...

[ profile] deborahjross, who is a brilliant writer and a wonderful person who I admire hugely, just made me tear up by posting this. I can't begin to express how touched and honoured I am. And startled and embarrassed and all sorts of things. I look forward to her next post on this anthology, because it is fine and I am, in my own opinion, the weakest link therein.

And I realise I did a Bad Meme. It was all about words, really: there was no intention to check. That came with the phrasing. But I apologise anyway. Will do better in future.
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So, a while back the wonderful [ profile] deborahjross invited me to be in an anthology she was putting together of stories of fantastical swashbuckling romance. Of course, I leapt at the chance -- swords! swashbuckling! my favourite things -- all with the chance to work with Deborah, who is a fantastic writer and editor. The anthology is called The Feathered Edge and it has a great line-up of writers, including Sherwood Smith, Judith Tarr, Tanith Lee, Diana L Paxson and Jay Lake. I am startled and delighted to be in such company.My story is called 'Featherweight' and is about ghosts and lost love and misunderstandings and, yes, a duel. For those who have the NewCon Press anthology Anniversaries, it's set in the same city as 'The Birthday of the Oligarch'.
The anthology is out today in e-book form: (for those in the US) (for those in the UK) (for those in -France)
It's also available from Barnes and Noble, for those in the US who are avoiding Amazon.

The paperback is due out in a few days.


Jan. 17th, 2012 07:15 pm
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The Four Musketeers has been borrowed 58 times in the last year. I find that obscurely pleasing. (This is in British public libraries). Welsh Kings is over 100, but it's a text book, so I find that less intriguing. It's good to know around 58 people wanted to know about the musketeers.
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Happy New Year to everyone in LJ land, and may your next year be filled with good things.

In other news, Locus very kindly asked me to participate in a podcast on the theme 'History is Not a Theme park' with [ profile] swan_tower at World Fantasy, and it's now live here:

I had such fun recording this with Marie and our hostess K: they are fascinating people to talk to and we covered a lot of ground. Do listen: I think M makes some excellent points (I say 'um' a lot, and sound alarmingly Welsh-Herefordshire). We ranged from the nature of historical research to things done in the name of writing, to what we're working on now, to the perils of living with or near a working writer, to What Is History anyway. It's long, but I think it's worth it.

I don't make New Year Resolutions: I tend to be too punitive with them, so the marquis made me give them up a few years ago. But I hope that in 2012 we can go on having the high-quality debates and discussions here on lj about all sorts of things, and that everyone out there stays well, happy and comfortable.

Oooh, book!

Nov. 4th, 2011 06:26 pm
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Look what the marquis spotted:

The Grass King's Concubine is now available for pre-order from and .com. Publication day is 7th August 2012.


Skirt of the day: black cord with purple trim.
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So, I will be on BBC Three Counties Radio's Drivetime show tomorrow, sometime between 4 and 5 in the afternoon, talking about the historical d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis. Which only goes to show, I suppose, that obsessions can lead one to some unexpected places. I'm fairly nervous about it -- this is the BBC! Eep! But then again, I do love to talk about my musketeers.

Skirt of the day: unreliable burgundy cotton.
(It's unreliable because it spends more time in the mending pile than the wardrobe, as it's rather too fragile for its own good.)
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The inestimable Jim C Hines has kindly let me talk on his blog today as part of his First Book Friday series . You can find it here:
In which I talk about my first book... and my seventh.

Skirt of the day: blue wedgewood.
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My short story 'Water-called' will be appearing in March 2012 in the anthology Modern Fae, edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier. It's a great line-up, too. I'm delighted to be included.

Introduction by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier
"We Will Not Be Undersold" by Seanan McGuire
"Changeling" by Susan Jett
"Water-Called" by Kari Sperring
"The Roots of Aston Quercus" by Juliet E. McKenna
"To Scratch an Itch" by Avery Shade
"Continuing Education" by Kristine Smith
"How To Be Human™" by Barbara Ashford
"How Much Salt" by April Steenburgh
"Hooked" by Anton Strout
"Crash" by S. C. Butler
"Fixed" by J. M. Ward
"A People Who Always Know" by Shannon Page & Jay Lake
"The Slaughtered Lamb" by Elizabeth Bear
"Corrupted" by Jim C. Hines

Skirt of the day: denim.
In other news, my shoulder is out *again*. Fortunately, I have lots of research reading to do, so this isn't as bad as it might be.


Jun. 6th, 2011 04:23 pm
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I am now on Twitter. Bah. I blame [ profile] desperance. He made me do it. I am, predictably, @KariSperring.
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The tireless John deNardo has asked a group of sff writers to nominate the books and series they would like to bring to tv. There are some wonderful suggestions: you can read the whole thing here.

I'm one of the writers he asked, along with [ profile] dancinghorse and [ profile] stina_leicht and many other fine people.
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Well, it's less than 24 hours till Picocon and I am somewhere between anxious and apprehensive, en route to stage fright about it, though I'm looking forward very much to all the bits which don't involve me being a writer in public. I have notes on things to talk about, and a story to read, and a cold.
I'm hoping not to share the latter with others. It's a nuisance, but it happens, and I have decongestants and zinc and so forth. And, y'know, it won't be the first time I've had to stand up and present something with a cold. Though it's easier when the thing I'm presenting is the succession to Rhodri Mawr, or the career of Earl AElfgar of Mercia or anything normal and familiar.
And there will be a number of people I like very much attending and that will be good, too.
I'd take Ish -- he makes an excellent icebreaker and he likes travelling -- but he can't be trusted not to spray something he shouldn't (chairs, tables, carpets, other guests) and Imperial College very probably have rules about cats on the premises. Mooncat wouldn't enjoy it. And take it from me, Horus is *not* going. He is very poor company when he's nervous. Also very smelly company. And noisy. (Although now I come to think of it, he would drown me out quite nicely.)
The marquis is going, of course. He's much better at the 'author in public' thing than I am.
Is it too late to claim I'm really just another of [ profile] desperance's identities? Yes, I thought so.

Skirt of the day: lilac rayon, under my black Gudrun Sjoden Christmas dress.


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