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So, before there was Living With Ghosts, there was Valdarrien, which tells the story of Valdin and Iareth Yscoithi (and gives the background on Yvelliane and Thiercelin). It's not of publishable quality, I think -- at least, not in any form that involves payment. But at the same time, I'm fond of it (and Valdin is the character par excellence for haunting me). So I was wondering about maybe running it here, chapter by chapter, as a freebie. Any thoughts?

In other news, I aten't ded. I'm just out canvassing.

Skirt of the day: autumn leaves

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OMG look at this! Living With Ghosts made the Tiptree Honours' List this year. And they say such nice thinks about it... Am all teary now.
Many congratulations to the winner, Dubravka Ugresic, and to all the other honours' listers, (which includes the wonderful [ profile] stillsostrange.
I am stunned. And honoured. And stunned.


Feb. 26th, 2011 09:57 am
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It's official: the marquis and I are going to Eurocon 2011. I get to see [ profile] athenais and [ profile] mikaela_l and, I suspect, [ profile] suaveswede. And [ profile] matociquala who is Guest of Honour and will rock (as she always does).
I am really looking forward to it. I love Stockholm. The perfect city. (Merafi is a melange of it, Paris and, weirdly, Bristol. Ask me about the map sometime.)

And we have [ profile] maeve_the_red, [ profile] towerofchaos, [ profile] eleyan, [ profile] miramon and [ profile] frostfox arriving soon. It's a good day.
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I shall be out and about in London next week. On Wednesday 21st April, I'm being interviewed by Chaz Brenchley for the British SF Association at their monthly London meeting. It takes place in the Upstairs Room in the Antelope Tavern, 22 Eaton Terrace, Belgravia, London SW1W 8EZ. It starts at 7 pm, and the nearest underground station is Sloane Square.

Then on Thursday 22nd April, I'm signing at Forbidden Planet London (Shaftesbury Avenue) along with Chaz, Ian Whates, Sarah Singleton, Ian Watson and other lovely people, to launch the new NewCon Press anthology The Bitten Word, which includes my vampire space beetle story 'COld Rush.' Further details here:
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Living with Ghosts has made the long-list for the BFS novel award for 2009! I am so happy and grateful to whoever it was that nominated it.
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Living With Ghosts has made the Locus Recommended Reading List in the first novel section, alongside [ profile] seananmcguire's wonderful Rosemary and Rue. And [ profile] moshui is in the fantasy novel list with Dragon In Chains.
We rock, clearly.


Dec. 4th, 2009 07:16 pm
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Working my way through Grass King, I'm finding I like it more than I expected, though it's early days yet (I'm in the middle of ch, 4). But:
it needs another chapter at the end. I've had a sneaking niggle it might, but rereading the early section I realise more and more that there's a major strand I need to address and haven't. I am so bad at endings. (Living With Ghosts lacked a proper last chapter for the first 12 years of its existence. I suppose the realisation about Grass King shows some kind of progress in the writing craft. But I wish I'd remembered to write the blasted thing in the first draft.)
And like LWG, Grass King has trailing ends that I may end up writing about later. I did not ever set out to write series, blast it. But the characters have their own ideas.
Skirt of the day: long blue linen.
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I've just realised that a key theme in my writing -- apart from water, which literally gets everywhere -- is rationalists and non-believers discovering that the irrational and the weird are real and can affect them.
I have no idea why. I'm not particularly religious/spiritual in the formal sense (though I may be superstitious and I do talk to saints and trees on occasion. Also to the late and loved Caspian cat). I wasn't brought up with any kind of faith. But it's there in Living with Ghosts, particularly through the characters of Thiercelin and Joyain. It's in quite a few of my short stories ('The Whale's Daughter, certainly; 'Coldrush'; 'Clocks'; to some extent in 'Seabourne') and in the various sections of the ongoing, unfinished Gaheris saga.
What's this about? Should I be worried? Is this a sign of Dangerous Fluffiness or WooWoo, a weake girly non-science-yness? Or is it an artefact of a background in, amongst the history, social anthropology, which leads me always to look at the stories cultures tell about themselves, their origins and their environment. I tend to find fantasy novels which either lack reference to beliefs of any kind, or import default cardboard ones, very unsatisfactory. (And somewhere someone must have written a story about J******h's W******s in their mission starship, banging on the doors of new colony worlds.) I tend to be much more convinced by books where the author has clearly thought through how and what peoples believe -- Violette Malan's The Sleeping God, [ profile] glass_mountain's Children of the Shaman, [ profile] freda_writes's Dark Cathedral, to list a few. It's about world-building and depth and texture.
And yet, none of that explains this writing tic I seem to have, this 'more things in heaven and earth' -ishness that I seem to be returning to, over and over.
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Anyone out there have access to a printer or photocopier that can handle both A3 and colour? I need to get an A3 colour copy of the copy of Living with Ghosts to [ profile] frostfox by Sept 3rd. My printer can't do A3, the marquis' work machines can't handle colour. It's for legitimate reasons, and I can supply a JPEG.
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It has come to my attention that LX Con will be my very first convention as a Real Pro with the book out there and all. I am therefore in need, dear f'list, of your collective wisdom. How, in your opinion, should I conduct myself?

[Poll #1376733]
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I've put a copy of Living with Ghosts together with one of The Four Musketeers up for auction on the [ profile] con_or_bust auction, which aims to raise funds to help fans of colour to get to US convention Wiscon.
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Lovely Editor read me the Locus review on the phone last night. They' like the book. Flashes of The Three Musketeers, but a lot darker, they say. Which means they got it and that is wonderful. Now I need to lay hands on a hard copy: anyone out there know where I can find the latest issue of Locus without being in the US or without having to take out a subscription on line, please?
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The bound proof of Living With Ghosts arrived this morning. It looks gorgeous and I am trying not to spend all my time stroking it.
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Things I need to get on with:
Proof reading Living With Ghosts
Reading for talk on Arthurian magic
Finish reading and write review of The Queen of K'n Yan

Things I want to be doing:
Reading [ profile] justinar's new book Going Under which is sitting on my desk looking all alluring and desirable....
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And here is the full version, with the lettering and all. It's slightly different from the earlier one. The artist is Christian McGrath.


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