Jul. 7th, 2016 03:59 pm
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Resident cats deny all knowledge.

An mouse was found dead earlier today in the middle of the floor of a Cambridge sitting room. The body showed signs of an attack. Resident cat Miss Telzey denied all knowledge of how this had come to pass. "Kill my own food?" she told our reporter. "I would never do that! I am a Princess, and I expect my food to be properly prepared and presented to me on suitable plates by my human servants. Perhaps it had a heart attack or something. And anyway," she continued, "I was upstairs asleep the entire time."

Her fellow feline residents Horus and Random were unavailable for comment, but sources close to this journal report that at both of them were recently involved in an assault on a juvenile wild rabbit. The household is continuing to investigate.

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So it's been a while since I posted here. I'm not sure why. I did Nanowrimo in November and hit the 50k, and am now trying to wrangle the book into shape. Then there was Christmas, which was quiet and pleasant. And January. Which was as it was. No drama, no crisis, just life. And my life is fairly ordinary.

We are now once again a three-cat household: Miss Telzey's little brother Random came to join us in early December and has settled down very well. He's a lovely, friendly, confident little boy and he's getting on well with both Telzey and Horus. Both of them let him snuggle up to sleep, and play long games with him. Here he is: CIMG3955

And that's me. How's everyone else?
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Our darling Ish cat passed away last Thursday, from suspected pancreatic cancer, while we were at Worldcon. [ profile] groliffe was splendid in caring for him at the end, and the Cambridge Vet School was the best place he could have been in the circumstances. He knew and liked it there, and they loved him.
We are heartbroken. I never would have gone to Sasquan if I'd thought he was this ill. Horus, who adored him, is hunting and calling, and wanting lots of cuddles from us and from Miss Telzey. We are doing our best to reassure him. Ish was a lovely, sociable, determined boy who had many adventures in his 12 and 1/2 years, made many friends (including half a mile away at the local gas showroom) and had Views on everything. He was the cat who chose us, and we will miss him forever.
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I'm over at Strange Horizons today, as part of a roundtable on representing marginalised voices in historical fiction and sff, alongside two writers I admire a lot, David Anthony Durham and Joyce Chng (aka J Damask). I loved getting to do this: Joyce and David are very insightful people and I learnt a lot; and our moderator Vanessa Rose Phin asked excellent questions. You can find it here:

In other news, the cats are planting themselves in the flowerbeds where the sun is warmest, the wip is progressing slowly and the lilac bush just outside my window is coming into bloom. I like April.

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Meme Day 8

Mar. 11th, 2015 02:17 pm
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Three words you can't go a day without.

An easy one! Answers behind the cut )
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She's now 15 weeks old and getting quite big. The boycats are getting used to her: she's succeeded in sleeping curled up with them on the bed and in getting Ish to let her share my lap. These photos were taken by the splendid Man In Black, who is a much better photographer than me.
My eye is healing: vision is still not great, but now this is down to having the wrong lenses in the glasses, not to anything in the eye.

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Greetings, internet subjects.
I have now inspected all of my new domain and find it to be mainly acceptable. There are lots of interesting places to investigate, soft things to sit on, vertical surfaces to sharpen my claws on and some amusing things to bat and sniff. There are, however, still two doors which the minions will not open for me, which is not at all good. One is called 'the box room', which means it must be for me, because boxes are the hereditary right of all cats. The other is called 'the airing cupboard'. It smells nice and warm. Clearly, I should be allowed to sleep in it.
The new cat subjects are beginning to learn their place. The big spotty one -- the minions call him 'Horus' -- has stopped running away and now accepts my greetings politely. He lets me bat his tail sometimes, too, though he still has not learnt to wash my face when I tell him. The beige one -- he's called 'Ish', which is a silly name -- continues to use improper language in my presence, but I have shown him that I am not impressed and I still go up to him and expect play. Last night he was asleep on the big comfy minion bed and I sneaked up and went to sleep next to him. Hah! That will show him. I like the minion bed. It is very warm and there is room for three cats at once, although the minions seem to be a bit squashed. I don't know why they insist on sleeping on it: I would let them sleep on my bed, because I am a kind and generous princess. Male minion is very good at playing, especially with string and feathers on the end of a stick. It's very amusing watching him wave them around. I pat them and chase after them to make him happy. And I chewed his fingers, too, because I want him to know that I am down with my people and not at all stuck up. The female minion isn't as good at playing -- she waves the feather all wrong -- but she has a nice lap that I like to sit on. The boycats like to sit on her, too, but I am there first. Hah! I am princess! Today I went for a ride in my carriage, to see some more human minions at a place called the vet. It looked very interesting and I told female minion to let me out of the carrier to explore, but she refused to obey me. I will punish her later. There was a lot of fuss at the vet and everyone said how beautiful I am and how wonderful. This is only Right and Proper and I shall expect more of the same if we go there again.

This is Kari: little blue girl is doing extremely well, and spent last night cuddled up on the bed with us and the boys without any hissing or problems (though she did wake up for play at 6 a.m.). We seem to have decided on Telzey as her everyday name, as she's brave, confident, very smart and dauntless. Her new favourite toys are a furry spider and a toy mouse, both of which are on long pieces of elastic and hung from the sitting room door. She spent nearly an hour this morning catching and killing both of them repeatedly. Right now, she's having a nap downstairs in her igloo. having chased around all morning (and eaten well).

Skirt of the day: blue wedgewood.

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I have now taken possession of my new domain. It is acceptable, although it clearly contains areas to which I am not being given access, which is of course Wrong, as I am a Princess and should be allowed my own way at all times. The selection of toys is pleasing, although the time devoted to waving them for me needs improving. Several areas have been offered to me as places to sleep and I am taking time to decide which of them is most pleasing to me. The food is regular, if unimaginative. When I first entered this domain, fresh chicken was provided, which was good, but subsequent meals have proved to be more ordinary. I feel this needs work.
This domain appears to contain two other cats. They are not at all up to my standards. When meeting my new subjects I expect to be greeted with ear-washing and an offer of a game. Neither of my two new subjects seems to understand this. One of them -- the beige one -- has clearly not been well-brought up at all. When I indicated to him that I was ready to receive his homage by batting his tail and then putting my head under his chin for the ceremonial lick, he used language that I can only describe as unacceptable. Of course, I did not reply in king, because I am a Princess. The other one -- large, grey and spotty -- seems very stupid. When I offered him my head to wash, he ran away and when I issued an invitation to a game, he hid behind a cushion. It is natural that he should be awed by my majesty, but I do expect my new subjects to overcome their trivial fears and accept my attentions gracefully.
The new minions are... acceptable. The male one insists on doing something called work which means he is not available to wait on me on demand. The female one is somewhat better, but further training is indicated, as she seems to believe that it is allowed to leave me without company for minutes at a stretch. I intend to devote part of my time today to teaching her how to serve me correctly as the amount of fuss, play and general obedience is not yet as I would wish.
Once proper behaviour has been installed in my minions and subject boy cats, this place should, in my opinion, prove satisfactory.

This is Kari: little blue girl is settling in well and is full of beans. Nothing about being in a new environment seems to faze her at all: the major complaint is that she doesn't have full access as yet to the whole house. (This was her view in the car, too. Movement and noise: fine. Being shut in a carrier: unacceptable.) Ish is not impressed with her at all (though he's very interested in her food): he managed to get into her room while I was feeding her, and she invited him to play without any fear at all. He rather disgraced himself by hissing, and is giving very dirty looks at the dining room door. Horus is deeply suspicious. The dining room shouts at him! There is a new very small cat and she wants him to wash her! Run away! Panic! I'm hoping he will get used to her soon and be willing to play -- he's showed no aggression beyond some fur-prickling, which is standard with him when he's nervous. Ish is probably going to take rather longer, but he is preferring to issue 'Keep your distance!' warnings to her, rather than anything more active.
She is very confident and friendly, and has a huge purr. She doesn't see why she can't have my attention all the time and yells every time I dare to do something else. I'm contemplating calling her Violet, after Violet Elizabeth Bott of the Just William books, as she is the most imperious little cat I have ever met.
And she is, naturally, utterly adorable.

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Picture here )
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And this is the Mighty Ish behind here )
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[ profile] catherineldf asked me for pictures of Horus-paws. So here he is (under cut to save your friend's page )
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It's been a busy two weeks. World Fantasy was... well, World Fantasy. We caught up with a lot of overseas friends, and had some good conversations and so forth (though many of them were shouted, due to the noise level in the bar). We took [ profile] suricattus to the Lanes' Armoury (the marquis' favourite place to shop) and she *may* have forgiven us. After WFC, we had two sets of visitors -- first of all the lovely [ profile] calendula_witch and the equally lovely Mark Ferrari, and then Mr and Mrs Chaz -- [ profile] desperance and [ profile] klwilliams. We did touristy things, and hung out with passing friends and drank thing and ate things, and I made scones(and disagreed with Chaz on how to pronounce them) and altogether had a splendid time and Serious Fun. (Apart from the washing machine breaking down and Horus getting into a fight and needing stitches -- he's doing well and is very smug because he is getting tuna [containing his antibiotic] twice a day. But these were blips in the Fun.)

And tomorrow, the marquis and I are off to Japan. I'm looking forward to it, and will try and to update here on what we do. I'm packed (with considerable help from Ish) and now wondering what I've forgotten (last time, it was handcream).

Finally -- and this is the embarrassing bit, I have been invited to be guest of honour at next year's Novacon. It's a huge honour and I am both delighted and astonished to have been asked.
How is everyone in lj land?

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via [ profile] andrewducker

I do rather love this....

Ish weighs 5.2kg as of today, which is excellent news and makes it highly likely that this is an allergy of some kind and not cancer.
We are very very pleased.

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Ish has stopped gaining weight quite as quickly as he did at the start of the new diet, so I have been experimenting with new ways to get food down him. Today, I proudly present catnip-infused chicken! (See the woman who hates to cook cook when her cats are involved.)
Horus is very very impressed. Ish has yet to sample it.

(Ish is doing okay: the inflammation is reduced and he's full of energy and eating well. He's just not regaining weight at the rapid rate he did at the start.)

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Ish went to the vet this morning as arranged. When they weighed him he had gained 200g since last week (which is nearly half what he'd lost). We'd switched him to a bland diet -- a dry food designed specifically for cats with sensitive stomachs, plus plain steamed chicken. He's been eating well, and is very happy, sociable, playful and comfortable. The vet decided, in light of this, not to go ahead with the biopsy, as this makes inflammatory bowel disease seem the more likely diagnosis. Instead, they are doing a blood test, and we are keeping him on the exclusion diet for the next three weeks. He also has to stay in for two days so that the condition of his rear end products can be detected. (Yes, I need to inspect the cat pooh.) The hope is that he will be producing less soft, pale products. He'll get another scan in 3 weeks and we'll proceed from there.
This is, by and large, good news. Cancer isn't ruled out, but the alternative is seeming more likely. And he's doing very well, apart from being put out that he's not being allowed outside.

The new dry food (and its associated gooshy in pouches) is a French brand, so the variety is described in large print as 'Sensible' ('sensitive' is in small type). You can imagine that this makes us giggle every time Horus eats any of it, since sensible is not a word we tend to associate with him. All 3 cats are on the sensitive food, and eating it happily. Ish is getting the bulk of the chicken at present (though Horus and Moon get some, of course). He's getting through 5 to 6 saucers of it a day, and I am becoming an expert chicken steamer.
Horus, I discovered earlier in the week, is afraid of greaseproof paper. Of course. It's famously vicious and cat-eating. (Like the ironing board and the marquis' older ski jacket. Sigh.)
Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes. It's been helping. I am unreasonable about my cats and I know it. You've really helped me cope.

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My humans have been very busy recently. They have gone out and left me All By Myself several times. I do not approve: they have a duty to stay in and attend to my every need. I don't know what a Cambridge Folk Festival is, or a Unicon, but they are bad because the humans go out to them and leave me with only the boy cats for company. This is not acceptable. Boy cats are vastly inferior to me, and moreover should not exist because they distract attention from me.
When they have not been out, they have been having other humans to stay. This is mostly good. Other humans can be colonised and made to wait on me. Recently, they have imported Senior Human for several days. My normal female human is Senior Human's kitten. I like Senior Human: she understands that I am Queen and must have all the fuss, and she lets me sit on her lap and use her trousers to keep my claws tidy. But she does not let me sleep on the bed. That is bad. All beds are mine.
Horus tried to claim Senior Human too. He sat on her lap. I explained to her that this was all wrong, but she ignored me. I had to turn my back on her for several minutes.
My humans have also have other humans to stay. One of them was [ profile] mevennen. This was extra good. Mevennen is properly trained. She knows I am Top and that I need to be waited on whenever I ask for anything. She does smell of strange cats, though. I had to work quite hard at scent-marking her to make her smell of me, which is proper. She brought T with her. T needs training, if you ask me (although he does understand that Ish is Bad and Not Allowed). He doesn't do what I tell him at once. Next time he visits, I may have to bite him until he learns better.
There were also some new humans. [ profile] jemck is good. She does good scritches. She brought her kitten with her. He is very big: almost a catlet. He went to sleep in the living room and shut out the boy cats because they are Not Allowed. But he let me stay and walk all over him in his sleep. That was good. Humans need to be walked on regularly. It keeps them in their place and also causes gravity, so that they don't fly off like birds and forget to feed me.
Today I went to the vet, which was Not Good. The vet prodded me and squeezed my tummy. I was very good and did not bite her or use my claws. She said I was very beautiful and gave me scritches. Boy cats don't get scritches because they are not good [and because they weren't there: La M].


Jul. 12th, 2012 11:56 am
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Look what arrived this morning! Behind the cut, to save your friends' page. )
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So both Mooncat and Ish have had their chance to be internet stars this weekend. In the interests of parity, it's only fair that Horus has his moment in the sun, too.
The problem is, he can be rather hard to photograph. He is, as we know, A Scaredy Cat. Cameras make whirs and clicks. Horus is scared of whirs and clicks. They flash. Horus is afraid of things that flash. You are probably getting the idea.
And then there's the question of his spots. Somewhere in this picture is a cat:

You see the problem )
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Every once in a while, even the Mightiest Hunter needs to relax:

Iskander, the undignified edition. (That tummy is a trap, btw. it looks soft and inviting. It is, in fact, guarded with scythes.)
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Here is a picture of my desk, as it is in my head every morning, neat and clear and ready for me to sit down and work:

I'll put the rest of this -- which contains more photographs -- behind a cut )
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I have a complaint.
It is generally accepted in this house that I am the Good Cat (Official)(TM). The humans say this frequently, especially at the boy cats, who are Bad and Wicked. 'Mooncat is a good girl,' they say. 'Why can't you be more like her?' 'Mooncat doesn't spray the furniture or visitors.' It's a Well Known Fact that I Am Good.
It follows, therefore, that everything I do is also Good (Official) (TM). Everything, from being adorable on laps, using the litter tray correctly, being friendly to visitors and not removing the food from my bowl, to digging up the tissue box, sleeping on the marquis' head, scrabbling at the duvet at 3 a.m., biting ankles to get attention, getting between the keyboard and the monitor and washing the marquise's hair, face and hands while she's working. I do them, so they are all Good.
So why is it that the humans persist in approving only certain of these activities? Do they think it's all about them, or something? I do these things because they are Right and Necessary. It's a well known fact that tissues are evil, and, if not shredded, are prone to lurking in corners to ambush innocent passers'-by. And it's cold at the moment: when I sleep on the marquis' head, it's to help keep him insulated. And as every cat knows, humans are utterly useless at washing themselves and need us cats to keep them even slightly clean. All my activities are reasonable. I demand that the humans recognise this At Once and cease such unacceptable behaviour as shutting me out of the bedroom, hiding the tissues, holding their ankles up out of my reach and pushing me off the desk.
Your Good Girl,


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